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Project SOUDA Multiple Applications on Surface
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2009

Client: Lockheed Martin
Project Brief: Created several multi-touch applications on Microsoft Surface
Project Duration : 16 weeks / Spring 2009
Advisors: Shirley Saldamarco, Oscar Garcia Panella
Collaborators : Hansoo Kim, Daniel Ricketts, Ryan Kim, Kunjel Chawda, Michael Cole, John Kolencheryl, Federico Perazzi, Dyala Kattan-Wright, Benjamin Taylor, Whitney Babcock-McConnell, Chun-Ta Chen
Role: Interaction Designer, Interface Designer, Visual Motion Designer
Description: The methods of interfacing with the surfaces and visualizing data on them lags far behind the actual hardware. Worked with Lockheed Martin, the Souda team was developing new, intuitive interactions and applications for the Microsoft Surface table such as Google Maps to the Surface table as an interactive 3D environment, voice recognition or RFID tags for security the experience. Also Project Souda developed new methods of visualizing data on the Surface table, such that it can be viewed and manipulated in an intuitive and collaborative manner.

Souda Final Video Sketch 3:00

Key Features of Souda Project

Scenario Decomposition

Topographic Data

Evidence Accrual

RFID Authentication

Wiimote Control

Souda Earth

Design Process

We researched many archives, tech demo, and papers about multi-touch technology and Surface. Also we took a look around current surface applications what kinds of technology do they use on surface. Then we organized all the results of research to make initial concept or prototypes.

One of Research that is Multi-Touch Screen Gesture in 3D Space

Designer of our team started making a lot of initial concepts, then our client pick some concepts up from them to implement actual application. Designers made paper prototypes via Illustrator and Photoshop. Also I made some video prototypes for the concepts. Designers figured out architecture and work flow of the applications. Meanwhile, programmers implemented basic infra structure of the applications. And then we start working to combine all the assets for each applications. Actually we made several basic application prototypes, so we have 2 programming teams and 3 designers who working on different applications. But designers are basically related to all the applications.

Initial Concept /Mock up Images

We took 2 times of main user test to get feedback with two different groups of user who are technical expert and novice user. Accordingly there were 4 different user tests. We made 10 applications of prototypes (In this website, there are only 6 apps from all), but we had user test for only 5 main prototypes, because there were too many prototypes to take user test.

User Test
- How familiar multi-touch technology to users
- How convenient our applications
- How helpful this project for Surface and future technology

From soft opening to final presentation, we had only 2 weeks to refine them. We organized all the applications and prepared for final presentation that was sort of performance to audience with actual applications on Surface. We made a user scenario, and we followed that storytelling to show all our applications and specific features well.

Souda Promotion Video 0:30

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