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     Play on Social


Project Play on Social A New Social Network Game
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2010

Client: NHN
Project Brief: Creating a social network game
Project Duration : 16 weeks / Spring 2010 (Current Project)
Advisors: Carl Rosendahl, Jiyoung Lee
Collaborators : Hansoo Kim, Nadia Labeikovsky, Ming-Chih Lin, Hua-Wei Sung
Role: Artist, Interaction Designer, Interface Designer, Visual Motion Designer
Description: To design and develop a fun and innovative social network online game prototype to be deployed in social networks in the Korean market. Basic game style is farming, decorating, and managing them. But this game's theme is different, because fundamentally this is related to goodwill that is making a clean planet with maintaining and growing up in order to make a big social in the galaxy. A Robot just landed on a small planet. Collecting elements and mixing them to make seeds. Plant the seeds to grow up plants and planet and then the planet will be very beautiful and fantastic. That is this game's main purpose. We are using Facebook API now then that can be port to other website using php later.

Save the Planet (Not a final title)

The fundamental topic of this game is "save the environment and nature to save the planet".
Basic Game Play is planting many lives on a planet by controlling a robot.
Then maintain the environment and grow up the planet to make beautiful planet.

The Work Flow of The Game

Basically, repetitions of these activities,
but there will be a lot of lives item to decorate their own planet, also mini game will be available.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
There was a beautiful planet. People lived in wealth and honor.
However people depleted all of resources and nature, the people were gone...
Except the robots!
And they want to make a beutiful planet again.

Game Screen Shots

Customization of Player's Avatar Character

Basic Game Play Screen

In Game Time Cycle from Morning to Night

Play with Friends

Mini Game

Art assets

Game Architecture

Play Test Version of this Game

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