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Project innoVidea Digital Video Library in a CAVE
ETC CarnegieMellon University Fall 2009

Client: Lockheed Martin
Project Brief: Created a digital video library interface in a CAVE
Project Duration : 16 weeks / Fall 2009
Advisors: Scott Stevens, Mike Christel
Collaborators : Hansoo Kim, Chongho Lee, Bing-huan Wu, Madhuri Koushik,
Role: Interaction Designer, Interface Designer, Visual Motion Designer
Description: Project innoVidea’s goal was to create an advanced interface for the DVL(Digital Video Library) that were created by Informedia project. Trying to find a video among terabytes or petabytes of digital data is analogous to finding a needle in a haystack. Sorting through all of that data poses challenges not only for how queries are performed, but also in how effectively the results are presented.

innoVidea Final Video Sketch 3:00

Key Features of innoVidea

Narrow Down Search - Search in Search

If the search result data amount is huge, it is possible to make narrow down via several
filters or metadata. After narrowing down several times, a specific video can be found easily.

Geographical Search

Just click on the map in order to find videos.


While watching a video, type any word on the text box to specify a keyword. Specified a keyword on the transcript of the video that is highlight. Also highlight in the video player that can be skipped to next highlight spot.

Wikipedia Search

Just click any word to know about the word via Wikipedia.

Design Process

We researched how to utilize CAVE platform with Digital Video Library by several papers and current technology.
Also we needed to understand informedia project and some related projects and technology.

We made a lot of paper prototypes and wire frames how to utilize the three screens for Digital Video Library on CAVE.

Concept of the Platform
Cylindrical Video wall
Each screen has different role

Initial Concept - 3D Layers Book Shelves Concept
User can flip the shelves to search and select one from them.

Initial Concept - Expert Version
For expert user like data analyst, we needed to consider many useful features such as categories search, time based search, metadata search, and so on. Also we thought about how to utilize left, center, and right screen has different role in CAVE. As a result, the left screen has pre search features, the center screen has search features and video play features, and the right screen has post search features such as save the video data and organize by categories or users own space, then edit or make video presentation.

We had 2 times of user test that are alpha and beta. The user test task was searching several specific people in the CAVE and a Desktop. Also we provided to testers several input devices that were multi-touch tablet, ring grip mouse, iPhone, and so on. In these user tests, the best result was using cave with ring grip mouse. But it needs to optimize especially calibration.

Actual Installation of innoVidea at CAVE

▶Documentation download   21.3mb - It may take a few minutes.

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