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Project Collectix Book Collectors Community
HCII CarnegieMellon University Fall 2009

Assignment Brief: This assignment project was learning design processes such as contextual design and prototyping.
Assignment Duration : 8 weeks / Fall 2009
Advisors: John Zimmerman, Aniket Kittur
Collaborators : Hansoo Kim, Ryan Kim, Daisy Yoo, Karthik Dinakar, Vinay Krishna
Role: Contextual Design Modeller, Interaction Designer, Interface Designer,
Description: This was an assignment of Human-Computer Interaction Methods class. From the first assignment, we learned how to set up contextual inquiry, analyze results of interview, doing contextual design such as making flow model, sequence model, artifact model, cultural model, and physical model. Also learned several methods of evaluation and making such as persona and scenario, think aloud, participatory design, and human factor with a tool that is Cog tool made by CMU HCII. With them, this project was doing design & retrospective for book collectors community.

Key Features of Collectix (Final Design - Paper Prototypes)

Book, Stack, and Library View Mode / Organize Tool
Users can organize their books by book view, stack view, and library view in where they already made categories that are stack or library.

Default Home Page for A Signed-in User

A Stack View and Book View of The Personal Library

Book Party
Users can make their own private book party or open party. Also they can visit other collectors open party or private party, if they can get permission.

Default View of Book Party Page / Creating A New Book Party, Step 4 . Review Details and Confirm to Send Invitations

Open Q&A
Any collectors can make open Q&A that can be making questions about a book or an author. Making several questions and set time for testing.

Leaving Comments and Option to Ask The Collector A Question / Initial Concept of the Q&A Feature

Design Process

We got a video of Contextual Inquiry about book collectors. They collect a lot of books at their book shelves, but they couldn't organize their books well. Also they would like to show their collection, but the physical collection and space is not able to open widely to many audiences. The Assignment was exploring collectors thinking, felling, and wanting, and then redesign a prototype for them.
After watching the contextual inquiry video, we did contextual design.

After the contextual design, we did other assignments about evaluation such as "Think Aloud" and "Key Stroke Level Modeling" with Cog tool that from CMU HCI. With that, we finally started redesigning of online community for book collectors. We made several initial concepts, user task scenario, wire frame, and paper prototypes. After that, we figured out work flow and architecture in detail. We needed to cover only the user task scenario.

Wire Frames with basic paper prototypes

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