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Building Virtual World BVW Class at ETC CMU
ETC CarnegieMellon University Fall 2008

Class Brief: Working in interdisciplinary teams to create interactive worlds every two weeks.
Advisors: Jesse Schell
Project Duration : Each Project 2 weeks / Fall 2008
Role: Interaction Designer, Visual Motion Designer, Artisit, Sound Designer
Description: Building Virtual Worlds' goal is to take students with varying talents, backgrounds, and perspectives and put them together to do what they couldn't do alone. The key thing is that there are no "idea people" in the course; everyone must share in the mechanical creation of the worlds. Students use 3D modeling software (Maya), painting software (Photoshop), Video compositing/ editing (After Effects/ Premiere), sound editing software (Adobe Audition & Pro Tools), and Panda3D, a programming library originally developed by Walt Disney Imagineering's Virtual Reality studio, to display our virtual reality worlds. The course uses unique platforms such as the Head-Mounted Display and Trackers, the Jam-O-Drum, the Playmotion, camera-based audience interaction techniques, Quasi the robot, and others.

Mystic Guardian Drum 2008 BVW 5th Project

This project was interactive story telling project. We decided to make interactive story
telling based on traditional Korean sad story, because we were all Korean
collaborators for this project also we wanted to show Korean cultural story. Basically
2D and 3D animated characters on the screen which is typical 3D animation except
the princess. The princess was actual actress who performed with virtual characters on
the screen. Additionally there were several interactions between the actress and the
virtual characters & some objects.

Performance Mystic Guardian Drum

Opening Mystic Guardian Drum

Ending Mystic Guardian Drum

Save John Doe 2008 BVW 4th Project

This project was interactive story telling project. There was a man named john doe
who was dead owing to a sudden accident. Time is rewind to 5 minutes ago, and an
audience can control the time speed via wiimote. rotate counter clockwise to go
forward or the other side to go backward. This idea was from butterfly effect as
known as very tiny event makes big different. This time control is just tiny help, but the
results are death or alive that was the main idea of this project.

Opening Save John Doe

Playing Save John Doe

Happy Ending Save John Doe

Bad Ending Save John Doe

Super Basketball Challenge 2008 BVW 3rd Project

This Project was using Playmotion platform that is motion sensor platform based on
shadow. On the projected screen, there are moving virtual basket, virtual balls, and
aiming indicator. Player needs to grab a virtual ball from left or right side of the
screen, and shoot the ball carefully when the moving virtual basket around the aiming
indicator. The indicator location is always at the player's forward. In 2 minutes, try to
get highst score.

Game Opening Super Basketball Challenge

Game Play Super Basketball Challenge

The Legendary Golden Fish 2008 BVW 2nd Project

Using Jam-O-Drum platform and Panda 3D game engine. Jam-O-Drum has 4 rotate
wheel and 4 pushable big button inside of the wheel ss shown in the screen 4 player
can play simultaneously. Rotate the wheel to aim, push the button to shot a hook, and
rotate again to bring the fish.

Game Opening Legendary Golden Fish

Game Play Legendary Golden Fish

Game Ending Legendary Golden Fish

Wall-E 2008 BVW 1st Project

This 2 weeks project was HMD platform project. The audience feels being wall-e with
using HMD. To move forward the audience needs to bend forward and to move
backward he or she needs to stretch backward. To make a weapon pick some trashes
then compress them that is trash block. The red robot will take Eve in 3minutes,
audience needs to hurry to make a block and shot the block to the red robot to save Eve.

Game Opening Wall-e

Game Play Wall-e

Game ending Wall-e

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