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Video Presentation Tool
ETC CarnegieMellon University Fall 2009

Design Brief: Next Generation Presentation Tool
Related Project: innoVidea
Design Duration: 4 Days
Role: All design work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: These days we use several kinds of presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. However those tools provide image based presentation slides. We thought next generation presentation tool should be video based presentation. This design work was very initial design work. I made only initial wireframe of this design.

Default View - Search, play, and save the videos on the right side of the application. The work space can be organized via categorized work space or customized work space to save video files.

On the right side interface there are three different role that are work space, video editing space, and slide editing space. Work space is which there are saved videos by the user, Video editing space is similar to other video editing tools, and the slide making space is similar to PowerPoint. The work flow is saving files from the video library, editing each page's video, and making slides at the slide making space.

Drag and drop any video file from work space to video timeline.

Then automatically created page 01 slide on the bottom part. Cut and edit the video for presentation page 01 that's 1:30 now.

Click next tab on the video editing space or click the "+" button on the slide making space on order to creat new page. Then drag and drop other videos to the video editing space.That's page 02 of slides.

Bring other videos on the page 02 of the slides, and edit to make a video on the page 02 of the slides.

With the editing videos and making pages, this will be playable video presentation. The upper side effects and tools provide transitions between pages and other features for making slides better. Set up the trasition spots on the videos or slides. Also presenter can pause or play any time smoothly.

Either after finishing the video presentation file or while making, the user can check the video presentation anytime via the center screen.

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