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Product Management Tool
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2009

Design Brief: Next Generation Presentation Tool
Related Project: SOUDA
Design Duration: 1 week
Role: All design work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: This is a concept of product management tool. This can be helpful for searching specific products and find specific components of the products, and detail information of them.

Final Video Sketch 1:46 Product Management Tool
Spring 2009 Project SOUDA

Tthe left flip menu is higher hierarchy menu such as big categories. After choosing one from the list, there are several products on the right side related to the higher hierarchy at left side list. Click a product then users can see detail information of the product. For example which factory or company made each part of the product, where are the stocks, how many they have, and so on.

Manipulating 3D models of the product with 3D multi-touch gesture on the Surface.

The bottom slider provides a feature that is making several steps decomposition of the products. For example in the first step, the SR-71air jet has wings, cockpit, engines, computer, body, security systems, and so on. In the second step, there are disassembled parts from the higher hierarchy parts. Also if it needs, it is available for 3rd step, 4th step, or more. After making lower hierarchy step, it seems sort of mind map. The user can touch one part from them and check which company made the part, which factory assembled, where are stocks, availability of order the part, that kind of detail information.

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