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Online Data Visualization
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2009

Design Brief: Next Generation Presentation Tool
Related Project: SOUDA
Design Duration: 3 weeks
Role: All design work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: This is a concept of visualization tool that is collecting all the activities of the keywords from the online. Collect all the keywords from the online and make visualization that is the main concept of this initial concept. The fundamental of this design was for data analyst who needs to watch what is significant sign from the a lot of activities in the world. Distinguish and analyze specific words then make a result of the sign. Also this concept can be expandable to general user who are willing to know what is big issue currently like just using social network service.

Final Video Sketch 1:15 Online Data Visualization
Spring 2009 Project SOUDA

The word's size depends on how many times using on the online at news, blog, community, searching engine, or social network. So the biggest word is the most popular keyword currently. In real time collecting the keywords and show them, accordingly the word's size is changing all the time. The categorization feature provides organizing each word on different categories as shown on the right image.

It is available to set up collecting keywords from specified area or time duration. If touch a word from the floating words, there will be detail information about the word such as definition of the word from dictionary, Wikipedia, and read latest news or most popular news.

In the left image, it is how many times used the word on the online. That can be visualized specific time such as today, in a week, in this month, and this year. In the right image, visualization of the result how many times showed the word on the online in the world. The color bars are different categories of the source such as news, blog, searching engine, and social network.

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