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Inferencing Analysis
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2009

Design Brief: Next Generation Presentation Tool
Related Project: SOUDA
Design Duration: 2 weeks
Role: All design work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: This is a concept of Inferencing Analysis tool for data analyst. Data analyst always needs to analyze a lot of data. Additionally the data are not always accurate to analyze data precisely, so the data analyst can not make confidence of the data easily. This concept is helping for analyzing data easily. Furthermore this concept helps some significant signs made distinguishable.

Final Video Sketch 2:35 Inferencing Analysis
Spring 2009 Project SOUDA

In the list, there are a lot of analysis lists. Open a analysis document to explore the data. This document is about an imaginary situation that is inference where will be next global campus of Entertainment Technology Center. Each explorable category had hierarchy structures that make spiral observable data.

The spiral observable data can be rotated in 3D. The green line is the highest confident data, and the red line is the highest critical data. Find the path of the least confident data and start analyzing the data to make higher confident.

With other observable data such as CCTV images, voice data, and some evidences, the analyst can make higher confident of the data. Through this sort of analyzing several times that can make the highest hierarchy data's confidence higher.

Con - Confidence
Crt - Critical

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