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3D Building Navigation
ETC CarnegieMellon University Spring 2009

Design Brief: Next Generation Presentation Tool
Related Project: SOUDA
Design Duration: 3 weeks
Role: All design work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: This is concept of 3D Building Navigation Tool. This can be helpful to audiences who are looking for how to get the specific room or department in the many buildings and how to find a specific person in the many buildings. Also the audeince can explore the whole buildings to see what facilities or properties are in the area.

Final Video Sketch 2:50 3D Building Navigation
Spring 2009 Project SOUDA

From the start, choose a building and see detail of the building.

In the 3D building map, can be navigated in the 3D space with multi-touch 3D gestures. If click one of the rooms or departments of the building see detail of them.

Navigating inside of the the 3D building with multi- touch 3D gestures on a Surface table. For example, fliping to move the space to go left or right, zoomming in or out, and rotate camera angles. Bottom interfaces are floor plans of top, front, and side view.

Just dragging the camera icon on the floor plan to control the camera movement in the 3D space. Also there is one more option to control the camera angle. Tapping with two fingers (using both hands): When one finger holds the camera icon, can drag to any dictection that opens a camera view point. Dragging the point anytime to control camera angle in the 3D space.

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