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Odyssey Sport 2006  Promotion Video 04:13

Synopsis: Made a decision to follow a professor’s work who designs beauty product containers. The professor’s work has been divided into four parts: aims on design, dilemmas regarding ancestral rites, a launching event and even a fashion show.

Project Duration: 3 weeks / 2006

Role: Director of Photography, Editor, Compositor, Post Production Effects

Description: The video clip has been used at a launching event for a cosmetic product’s new line Odyssey’s. It was also used at a launching event for the car brand Infinity. The beginning stage of the designing process expresses the professor’s thoughts. The part about the ancestral rites changes in different scent using colors and the part about the outfits was expressed by the professor getting models ready and really help viewers feel the texture of the fabrics. The first part of commercial made by another agency.

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