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Noblesse Oblige 2007  Promotion Video 05:36

Synopsis: The video expressed the “Noblesse Oblige” which divides into three parts. From the beginning, the video will have an explanation on the historical aspects of Noblesse Oblige and the midway through the video will explain about the Korea Council of Volunteering workers voicing their opinions. And the conclusion sums up on the vision, and direction we, people, need to take in the future.

Project Duration: 2 weeks / 2007

Role: All video production was created by Hansoo Kim except voice recording, synopsis

Description: This clip exhibits a public event led by the Korean charity movement and their perspectives on “Noblesse Oblige.” It is a practice of leaving the typical volunteer services and entering the “noblesse” or honored people who lead and demonstrate the public service. With that purpose, I’ve decided to create this film. I’ve changed the mood for each part of the video. The introduction part of the video explains about the historical precedent of the people’s mentality and express with power. From the midway through the video contains more realistic views and the last part concludes the video with more a warm and a hopeful atmosphere.

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