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Mono Island  2006  Animation 12:13

Synopsis: The people in dark city are living with no dream and their own mind. The man who are standing in front of the fence has a dream and yearning about the world out of the fence that is impossible to come back if someone get to there. After reading the book about sky by accident, he is curious about the world out of city and he make a decision to get to his dream in spite of people’s dissuasion.

Project Duration: 6 months / 2006

Role: All video production was created by Hansoo Kim included scenario, story board, compositions, all the pre, post productions except filming

Description: The flying city. The boundary between top and bottom is not clear. There is sky when opening the door, the houses are flying and the people walk in the sky… I made the story with sky and space and also have four steps in composition. I put the atmosphere using mono tone to express the people who don’t know about that flying city. Besides, I described the city that finally knows the color of sky when it is opening. I didn’t give names for all the characters, I put the feeling about life mainly to main character. Moreover, I made 3D space using virtual 3D. I took film on characters and based on the video footage, animating by 5 - 10 frame per second. I composited on Adobe After Effects to combine all the back ground, character animation, and many filters on those composition to make dark and dreamlike atmosphere.

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