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Modern Chronicle of Korea
The Hands of The Power  2005  Documentary Animation 06:43

Synopsis: This is the chronicle between the commencement of Independence to the Armistice of Korea, containing the backgrounds of the collapse of Japanese Imperialism and the 38th parallel to ostracize the Japanese root from Korean peninsula, and the whole tragic history such as pervasion of American culture, appearance of Kim Il-seong, and the stories after Korean War.

Project Duration: 10 weeks / 2005

Role: All video production was created by Hansoo Kim included scenario, story board, compositions, all the pre productions

Description: This work contains 7 episodes in chronological order using cute satirical pictures. The characters made by Illustrator and the background images made by Photoshop and drawing based on pictures. Then I composited all the assets on After Effects to organize and look match well with all the assets.

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