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Video Highlights Sellection

Description: These are much shorter running time version of videos that makes spending less time in order to watch my video portfolio.

Video Showreel 2001-2007 Showreel 1:18

Mono island 2006 Animation 3:23

▶Watch full version of Mono Island

Modern Chronicle of Korea The Hands of The Power
2005 Documentary Animation 1:43

▶Watch full version of Modern Chronicle of Korea

U KBS Star 2006 Station ID 0:28

▶Watch full version of UKBS Star

A Cause Des Garcons Tepr Remix Tektonic
2008 Music Video 1:41

▶Watch full version of A Cause Des Garcons

Nostalgia 2001 Experimental Video 0:54

▶Watch full version of Nostalgia

The Present 2008 Short Film 1:24

▶Watch full version of The Present

Don't See 2001 Short Film 0:39

▶Watch full version of Don't See

Happy Imagination 2005 Animation 0:48

▶Watch full version of Happy Imagination

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