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A Cause Des Garcpns Tepr Remix Tektonic  2008
Music Video 03:30

Synopsis: Someone picks up a LP from a shop who is very surprised because the LP makes great sound. He decided taking it and share the sound with his friends.

Project Duration: 2 weeks / 2008

Collaborators: Hansoo Kim, Aaron Vanderbeek, Matthew McLean, John Kolencheryl

Role: Director, Editor, Compositor, Post Production Effets

Description: This was one of Visual Story Telling class assignment at ETC CMU. To make a music video we had only 2 weeks and home 6mm mini DV camera . Also except me, our team members are not familiar to making a video. We filmed many shots of outside shots and green screen shots to make this video that were not good quality videos because of the home camera. As a result, we made a pretty good music video with motion graphic.

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