Hansoo Kim
User Experience Designer
Visual Interaction Designer

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Don't See 2001  Short Film 04:32

Synopsis: A man wakes up one morning and looks around his room and thinks, “something is definitely wrong.” The time is running backwards and the water that was spilled from the cup is now crawling back into the cup, the cigarette butt is new and back into the cigarette case, ready to be lit. However, oddly, the man does not notice and thinks again, ”something is wrong, but what?”

Project Duration: 6 weeks / 2001
Role: All video production was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: The man is living in a 4th dimensional world that can be imagined by playing several parts of the film backwards or reversed. The world has an abnormal routine as if everything has been changed accidentally by someone. Each individual do not recognize what has gone wrong with his or her environment except that they are the cause of the change.

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