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Perspective of Memories
Experimental Multimedia Installation
Individual Work Summer 2007

Project Brief: To find old memories, assembled fragment of pictures, images, and memories in an old TV
Project Duration : 8 weeks / Summer 2007
Role: All multimedia installation work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: This work, “Perspectives of Memories,” was started off with a small agony from “me” and later added another proposition which is “memory.” I will introduce my story through my work about myself and my memories and my emotions.

Perspective of Memories Virtual Installation
Highlight Version 1:30


Memory is something that does not last forever. It may linger for awhile, or it may be lost in a short period of time. However, as long as one has got a hold of the string joining the memory stored in the brain and tries hard to pull it out, it is always possible to reminiscence again.

But if one loses his or her grip of that string, that memory is gone forever. Because I’ve lost that grip, and I no longer have any string attached to my adolescent memories.

My memories and me.

Adults did not understand children well.
They just try to plant in the conception of the world into children,
because they already forgot their memories of childhood.

I was always thinking to understand the other children that I was once part of,
I never let go my childhood memories.

But life did not leave me with those worries.
Living in a harsh world, holding the memories
became weak and slowly had to let go of my strings of memories.

Finally, that happens same for me. like everybody else.
I also had to let them go.

Once lost them, they were not easy to get back to me.

"No! Come back please!"

They became more distance, little, by little.
Am I becoming like those other grown ups
that do not understand children? Am I becoming like them?

I am...

Method of Representation

Searching for fragmented, old pictures from photographs to rebuild my past.

Assembly of Inaccurate Memories

By Layering the collaged images, I thought about the flow and the current of time. The layer of memories is covered up by more recent layer of memories. The first layer gets covered up and starts to look dim, foggy and unclear. It expresses the idea that older memories are forgotten and is concealed by new memories.

The images in the old television are about me and my past, and they help me reminiscence my long lost memories. It basically prepares me with a foundation and base for me in the present and me in the future. But that is where the light is coming from and I believe that is where the key is, the root and the start of all the past. That is where it begins.

The light is from a LCD display monitor from back that makes viewing past memories was well emphasized and visualized.

Video Work
"Empty room and Perspective"

Me and My thoughts and Memories Fixed in a Normal, Mundane Life

The feeling, sentiments, and different views and perspectives of the memories. I’ve created a final visual image by a combination of an image that will recall those everyday, normal thoughts and mixed emotions.


Perspective of Memories Fragments of Memories
Background Video Full version 3:50

Perspective of Memories Virtual Installation
Full version 4:17

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