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In the Clouds  Experimental Multimedia Installation
Individual Project at Korea National University of Arts Spring 2005

Project Brief: By using the video, made an expansion and enlargement in an space to give experience to audiences
Advisor: Prof. Chong-Ho Lee Architecture Dept.
Project Duration : 12 weeks / Spring 2005
Role: All multimedia installation work was created by Hansoo Kim
Description: “What kind of developmental possibility will future film have?” is the question that I started my work with and later became the subject of the work. I’ve always dreamed of being able to experience the space from imagination within my work. I wanted to develop this work and go beyond the new experiences and express the daily life imaginations to a concept of an ‘interior’ so that in the future buying a video installation would become like buying wallpaper for a home in life.

In the Clouds Virtual Installation in a Gallery
Highlight version 1:37

Plan for Installation
"What is the space for?"

First of all, I needed to think about what the empty space will be used for. The most important agony was to know what the installation was for. Since this was a test to predict how it will be used in the future, it has been produced in a very basic form and later I considered that it has to be capable of being applied in any space in the future.

I considered the problems and difficulties regarding the installation, I made many concepts of installation methods such as Projecting on curved screen, stair's side screen, using lighting with varying degree angle mirrors, and actual window frame with outside screen.

The light beam that is projected will reflect off the little pieces of mirror and disperse into spaces. The dispersed light beams will also move according to the video and will be emphasizing certain places and spaces depending on its focus.

Video Work
"In the Clouds"

I focused on expressing the sky through video, and to show the problems I faced trying to express the internal space of the video. To produce three sides: front, right and left, they individually had to be produced and made in order to be projected. The audience will be surrounded by the three sides and that will make them feel more like they are viewing a real sky. Viewing the sky, whether that is above the clouds or viewing from under the clouds, I decided to express the feeling of dimness as if one was taking a walk into the fog.

Not the sky itself, but I wanted to convey the inner part of the clouds.
Working on each image and linking them, front, right and left, it can enclose the audience in a room. In addition to that, depending on the flow of time, whether that is fast or slow, I wanted to show the changes and varieties in the lights.

I wanted to give a possibility of feeling the expanded space and area from the film. Right and left spaces grow wider. Front, right and left spaces are linked so that the images that start from the front will spread towards and flow through the right and left.


By projecting the image from three sides, the audiences’ vision will be surrounded by the film as if they would feel like they were actually in that place. Front, right and left screens were linked so that when the film starts from the front, it spread out towards the whole screen and will continue spreading after reaching right and left screens and fill up all three sides.
In order to create a setting as if one is slowly walking into the clouds, I produced and actually established and exhibited the work. On top of that, I wish to have this work and concept to develop more so that it can also be used as a decoration in casual places like hotels, bars, cafes and other interior places.

Actuall Installation

In the Clouds Virtual Installation in a Gallery
Full version 6:10

In the Clouds 3 screens linked 1:40

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